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Our Foundation

EDAF Foundation is a non-government non-partisan development organization with a focus to facilitate the efforts to develop the livelihood of peripheral community. It was initiated on June 26, 1998 and registered on October 11, 2020 with the formation of a consortium group of educated like-minded. EDAF Foundation believes in non-directive bottom up, participatory and integrated development form of works and acts as a catalyst with its beneficiaries.

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Our Mission

EDAF Foundation envisions a society where all children and women enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives and responsive environment that promote their training programme through the socio-economic of social business, Ultra poor poverty and hunger, cultural moral and entrepreneur development.

Our Vission

To established the poor and vulnerable man, women and children in the socio through making them aware, capable, self-reliant, and self-initiators through building capacity, institution, utilization of local resources and imparting felt-need based problem solving programs involving necessary skilled, trained, experienced and qualified entrepreneur development.

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Our Projects

Our Programme

Capacity Building

The Foundation first elected the working areas than contacts baseline surveys and identify the targeted beneficiaries after identification motivate and educated the targeted people on the good objective of the foundation and activities.


Education is the first and for most couponed EDAF Foundation development’s intervention so it makes aware the people and makes literate in these respect’s it run children education and adult education.


Health and hygiene is ongoing program of the foundation which was started in 2018 as all the field are covered with this program because through weekly group meeting all the community people and the group members are made aware on health and hygiene.

Community development

EDAF Foundation has been working on Community development since it’s inception in 2018 in all the working village, which are supported by the above partner NGO’s and Community based initiatives.


EDAF Foundation Emphasis on Different kinds of training to the module training assessment members Entrepreneur for their development and potentials upgrading and started from 2018. it is a continuous process 80 for 700 hundred entrepreneur and 41 staff have been provided different kinds of training with the support of the above EDAF-Foundation.

Income generating activities

So for 1500 entrepreneur have been provided credit investment support for undertaking. Income generating activities with welpot saving, revolving fund  and other government supports Now it has been revolving of consortium members 2(core) discuss.

Recent Campaigns

ইডাফ এর উদ্যোগে গরীব দুঃস্থদের মাঝে কম্বল বিতরন
ইডাফের আলোচনা সভায় এক কর্মকর্তার ভাষণ